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About Flamingo7 Casino

Flamingo7 software brings the thrill of traditional casinos to your casino business. That allows your customers to participate in the most exciting sweepstakes experience online. A memorable experience, immersive gameplay, and satisfied players are what you get from Flamingo7 casino.

The most excellent option for opening an online casino, internet cafe, or sweepstakes cafe is the Ultrapower Game software.

Did you know that the online casino software you use directly impacts how long a player stays on your platform? Flamingo7 software keeps your present customers satisfied while attracting new ones.

The service we provide is unbeatable. And that's because we offer you services guaranteed for success due to years of experience and tried and tested programs to perfect our software.


Top Awesome Games

The interactive casino game selection in Flamingo7 casino is extensive. You can immediately access those casino games if you buy the software. We have the best Flamingo7 games, including slot games for your players to enjoy.






Gold Rush


Gold Records Kind


Hook a Duck


Jungle 2


Lobster party



Why Is Flamingo7 Casino The Best?

Flamingo7 offers top-notch casino software that can expand your customer base with an excellent user experience, seamless integration, premium games, and more.


With the help of our robust and cutting-edge security technology, you get to have complete control of your online casino business. And we make sure it stays that way forever!


Flamingo7 casino offers an excellent banking platform that exceeds industry requirements to ensure you get first-rate security protocols.

This means the data of all your customers is secure. All transactions are secured by SSL technology, and deposits are fast and secure.


The flamingo7 games we offer have outstanding visuals and audio effects that create an engaging experience. Because of this, a customer’s gameplay can last longer and be more memorable.


If you have questions about Flamingo7 games, software, or anything, we have a professional support team that can help you. Regardless of your issue, we'll gladly help you out with it.


Why Flamingo7 Stands Out


Top-Notch Software

Flamingo7 Casino offers three major types of gaming software that can help you to build a profitable business with the white-label solutions that we provide. Regardless of whether you are running a sweepstakes parlor, an online casino, or an internet cafe, you can utilize available software products instantly!


Diverse Game Selection

Flamingo7 casino offers a wide range of exciting sweepstakes that you can enjoy instantly. Enter the platform and find a game that will match your taste regardless if you are into classic slots, table games, or innovative fish tables.


Generous Bonuses

Take advantage of the most generous online casino bonuses at Flamingo7 casino. Enter now and enjoy offers ranging from referral bonuses, to deposit match bonuses. All the profitable deals are now available just for you on Flamingo7.


Gaming On-The-Go

All the interactive sweepstakes games on Flamingo7 Casino are optimized for mobile use. So, regardless of the screen size, you will be able to enjoy the best gaming experience whenever and wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

A casino is a facility for certain types of gambling. Casinos are often built combined with hotels, resorts.

What is Flamingo7?

Flamingo7 is an LA based software provider that has extensive experience in the field.

Who can use the Flamingo7 services?

The owners of the internet cafe, sweepstakes parlor and online casinos can use the services of Flamingo7. On top of that, the entrepreneurs who want to enter these businesses can also take advantage of the Falmingo7 services.

How to contact Flamingo7?

You can easily contact Flamingo7 customer support through the provided email.

What are the advantages of using Falmingo7 services?

There are a number advantages of using Flamingo7 services. The security, quality and quantity of games, exceptional features of the software solutions are just a few of them.

Which software models are available at Flamingo7?

There are three software solutions that you can get from Flamingo7 including sweepstakes software, internet cafe software and online casino software.

What are the available casino gaming genres at Flamingo7 Software?

There are a number of different casino gaming genres that are available at Flamingo7 casino software. It ranges from online slots to table card games as well as arcade titles.

Are the games in Flamingo7 Software optimized for mobile use?

The short answer is yes. All the games that you will acquire as part of the Falmingo7 casino software are optimized for mobile use.

Are Flamingo 7 slots safe to play?

Flamingo7 slot machines have been tested several times before they are included on the casino software. You can rest assured that there will not be any issue regrading the safety while your customers enjoy the best Flamingo7 slots.

How to get Flamingo 7 Internet cafe software?

To get any Flamingo7 software solution, you need to contact the customer support and discuss the details about your business so that they can offer the best deals that are available regarding the software model that you need.

What are the most popular slots that are available at Flamingo7 software?

The most popular online slots that you can offer through Flamingo7 software include Jingle Spin, Double Stacks, Copy Cats, Stickers, Ghost Pirates, The Wish Master, and Guns’N Roses.