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new online casino

New online casinos are conquering the player's hearts with the whole gambling market. If you are ready to receive the most outstanding online gaming experience, they are a solid place to start. 


Do you ever dream of going to Vegas casinos and playing various online casino games in a luxurious environment? Or do you love online gaming with your device from the comfort of your home? Most importantly, wouldn’t it be great to earn money while having fun?


If you answer yes to all of these questions, you must learn more about the new casino sites. Because they have everything, you ever dreamed about. 


In this post, we will discuss the exceptional features of the online casino real money platforms. Moreover, we will talk about the pros and cons of online casinos compared to land-based casinos. 


Most importantly, you will find out how to choose an online casino and what the best options in the market are today.


So, fasten your seatbelts and dive into this fantastic real-money opportunity!

1. New Online Casino: What are the exceptional features?

As we mentioned above, everything you, a player, can wish for you can receive from new online casinos. Because these are the platforms made especially for you to allow comfort when playing.

Let’s discuss the most outstanding features online casinos offer to you!


We must start with the variety of game genres available there. On each legit online casino, you come across a comprehensive game catalog. From only one platform, you are able to spin the slot game reels, shoot fish in the tank in fish table games, or even play video poker games with players worldwide.

new online casino real money

So, when you visit the platform with a simple registration, you have every game in the palm of your hand.


Another remarkable feature is promotion. You encounter numerous unique online casino bonuses and promotions on each online casino. And everything starts from your first step on the platform.


When you register, you automatically gain a welcome bonus. Moreover, each deposit is a celebration because you get an additional deposit match bonus. With all that, you are able to kick-start and continue playing, betting, and increasing your odds of winning to the maximum.


Online casino real money-winning opportunity is another exceptional feature of those casinos. 


If, in the beginning, you could play different games online but couldn’t cash out your winnings, now it is no longer an issue.


If you play in real money casinos, you receive fast payouts in any currency you like, including crypto. And receive your money instantly. 


Last but not least fantastic feature of a new online casino is availability. You can play anytime and anywhere. And even if you will have some issues, contact customer support 24/7.

2. New online casino vs. Old School casinos

Now, as you know some of the most exceptional features of the online casinos, I’m sure you can see the difference between online and land-based casinos. However, let’s compare them in a few bullets.


  • You can play new online casino games real money anytime and anywhere while going to land-based casinos take lots of time and money that you could spend on playing instead;
  • When playing in an online casino, you are concentrated on the game and do not think about what happens around you. Concentration is hard when playing in the old school casinos because of all the people and noise around you;
  • In online casinos, you can control time and the amount of money you play with. You spend the amount you are ready to lose. Unlike that, it’s almost impossible to control your spending in Vegas casinos, become carried away, and lose more than you have;
  • Both ways, you get a whole different experience. If you want a real Vegas casino experience and are ready to spend money, then you must go to Vegas. 

  • However, if the cons of going there are greater than the pros, visit a new online casino and play the games that bring the exact same gaming experience.

3. How to evaluate new online casinos?

new online casino real money

If you have ever tried to find and register in a new online casino, you would have noticed numerous options available. And to choose one legit platform, you must look at and compare all of their features to each other. 


To evaluate online casinos, first of all, check their websites. If navigation is straightforward and you can find answers to any of your questions quickly, then you can expect transparent service.


Besides that, try to contact customer support and check how fast you receive an answer. With that, you check how fast you receive help if you would actually need it.


Then check their promotional pages. The more promotions you see with the easiest eligibility requirements, the easier for you to get bonuses and play without spending too much.


Finally, if you play choose speedy casino slots as your main gambling genre, ensure that the slots the platform provides have higher-than-average return-to-player rates


The minimum RTP of slots must be at least 94% or higher. The higher the RTP number, the more your possible payout!


4. What are the popular new casino sites?

There are many popular online casinos. And which one you choose is entirely up to you.


However, to make your decision-making process easier, we made you a short list of new online casino real money platforms. Each of them provides numerous bonuses, game genres, and an amazing gaming environment.


4.1 BitBetWin

If you seek to play various different games on different platforms from one place, then BitBetWin is the new online casino you can pick. 


The casino combines 11 different platforms. When registering on the website, you can choose any of them and start gambling immediately. And when we say that, we mean you start playing with bonuses you receive after registering. 


BitBetWin is one of the most generous platforms when it comes to promotions. You receive deposit match bonuses on your first, second, and third deposits.


Besides that, you get a chance to share your referral bonus with many of your friends. And even receive a birthday gift for your loyalty. 


BitBetWin has different unique bonuses for any platform on its website. So whichever one you choose, despite the game genre, you get free credits to spend. And, most importantly, win real money while playing for free.


4.2 BitPlay

Another new online casino real money platform you can check is BitPlay. Like the previous one, this platform also combines 13 different casinos under its name. And by registering on its website, you gain access to any of your preferred ones.

new online casino

Whatever game genre you choose, you will definitely find them on BitPlay. All the games there are made with HD-quality graphics and visuals. While playing, you will receive the most authentic online gaming experience with a real money-winning opportunity.


BitPlay is also generous with promotions. There you can obtain a sign-up bonus and deposit match bonuses from your very first step. Also, you can complete weekly challenges and receive cashback for each of your deposits.


Overall, you are able to play exceptional games, earn numerous bonuses, allow yourself free play, and convert your winnings into real cash!


4.3 BitOfGold

One more platform we must mention is BitOfGold. That’s another new online casino that already became very popular among players. And the reason behind its popularity is the unique bonuses you can gain there.


The first bonus you get is a sign-up bonus. BitOfGold has one of the biggest welcome bonuses you can find in online casinos. From a simple registration, by completing the easiest challenges, you can get up to $100. 


Besides regular bonuses, there you also come across User Role bonuses. That means that whatever your status is on the platform, you get different amounts of cashback. 


For example, if you have an Elite status, you get 10% cashback. When upgrading to Royal gives you 15% cashback.


5. FAQ

5.1 Are new online casinos safe and trustworthy?

Yes. All legit online casinos are certified by authorities. However, before jumping into any online no deposit casino real money and signing up, read their terms and conditions carefully.


Or choose the platforms that we mentioned in the article, and be sure of your security.

5.2 Do all US states have new online casinos?


New online casino real money platforms are legal in a few US states. These states are West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, and Connecticut. 


5.3 Annually how many online casinos enter the industry?

The number of online casinos increases daily. That is why it is not surprising to find out that in 2021, more than 6.600 new online casino sites registered in the US territory. 


6. Conclusion

As we said in the beginning, new online casino platforms take the gambling market by storm. So, not to stay back in this fast-paced environment, we advise you to try out their services immediately.


If you are not sure how to find the best platform, check out the essential features mentioned in this blog. They will help you evaluate the website and ensure you will receive the best gambling experience there. Evaluate new online casino sites by using the methods provided above.


Do not forget to check their gaming license, the number of games that they offer, the availability of progressive jackpots in games, the Return to Player Rate of the games, the availability of different payment methods, and so on. By picking casinos based on these criteria, you will eliminate low-quality options and only play on legit gambling websites. On the other hand, you might as well enter any of the mentioned casinos in this article as we did our due diligence and researched them thoroughly so that you can skip this boring step. 


So, register now, take advantage of the profitable bonuses, and win real money while having fun on the best new online casino sites!!

We here at Flamingo7 are a dedicated group of online casino fans. And we work hard to provide our customers with an exceptional gaming experience. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.


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