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Get ready for extreme gaming with Plinko. This impressive fast-paced game is all about winning and enjoying payouts. Find out more about the game here!

Plinko: Gameplay

If you are into chance-based slot games but would like to take a little break from frustrating themes and storylines, then Plinko is for you. The game is super simple and does not include any troublesome features.

When you enter the game, you will see a deep blue background. On the front, there’s a pyramid-shaped number of reels. Each reel from top to bottom has an increasing number of balls.

When you make a bet and start playing, a pink ball will drop from the top of the pyramid. Its directions are random. At the bottom of the pyramid, there are different bet multipliers, increasing from the center to the edges. And, wherever the pink ball lands is your prize.

The Plinko’s RTP is 99%. It has a variable variance. And the betting range varies from 1 to 100.

Plinko: How to Play the Game

When playing, you get 3 main aspects to control. First, you can change your bet size. Second, you define the risk level - low, medium, or high. And finally, you decide how many rows to play with - 8-16.

The higher the risk level and the number of rows, the higher the multipliers. For example, when you play with the high risk and 16 rows, the maximum win you can land is 1,000x your bet. However, they are at the edge of the pyramid, which makes winning them extremely rare.

Plinko: Enjoy unique gaming!

Plinko is a chance-based game. So, there’s no general winning strategy to use.

However, we advise changing your controls and seeing what risk level or row number will satisfy you. Play this impressive game now and enjoy simple yet fulfilling gaming experience!