Flamingo7 Casino Internet Cafe Software


Usage Requirements and Restrictions

Limiting people's access to computers is an option if you think it's necessary. For example, if a user's deposit has yet to finish, you can instantly restrict them from using any cafe's computers. 

After the problem has been fixed, the restrictions can be lifted. And work can proceed as usual on the computer. 


The security of your system could be compromised if an unauthorized individual were to insert a flash drive and access it. Furthermore, even legitimately distributed software may have security issues. But low-cost or free alternatives may be completely secure. 


So modern, hacker-proof software is an absolute requirement for open Wi-Fi networks. That's why we recommend Flamingo7 software for internet cafes.


High-quality Features

Having a successful internet cafe up and running is a challenging feat. However, we have the resources to help your internet cafe to succeed. We've developed the Flamingo7 gaming software to help you save time and money as you grow your business. 


Players can access a wide range of customizable options in the Flamingo7 casino. For example, our system only requires a single command to restrict access to a specific folder or desktop. 


Effective Bandwidth Management

Flamingo7's internet cafe software allows you to maintain a consistent connection. This means you can restrict a user's bandwidth, or transfer rates, on their computer. On top of their initial fee, you can request further payment for overages. 


In general, internet performance suffers when large files are downloaded or uploaded. So establishing limitations and implementing premium pricing can assist in maintaining a steady network and increase revenue. 


Top-notch Security

One of the crucial aspects of internet cafes is safety. It can be challenging to increase your customer base if you don't provide the highest level of security. No player wants their information leaked. 


Our software's security features are second to none. So it's impossible to hackers to cause damage to your business. For example, all sessions, including browsing history, passwords, etc., are automatically erased at each session's end. 


Simple Management Tool

If you want to have a compelling track of your customers and staff, you'll need Flamingo7 software. That will ensure no one has access to your customer's sensitive data. 


Your employees' access to confidential information and their likelihood of committing fraud are all within your control. Our Internet cafe software is divided into sections that various users, like admins, managers, and cashiers, can access. 


That way, they won't be able to see any sensitive information while still having access to all they need to do their jobs. You can also view employee login times and dates. In this way, you can monitor employees' actions.


Control Operations Remotely

Our software gives you access to the whole system. That means you are in control of everything. That gives you authority over your business and even more!


With Flamingo7 internet cafe software, you manage your business activities virtually. You can also remotely assist users if they need your help. Also, you are able to change their application settings and control any questionable clients' activity.


Administer User Accounts Effortlessly

Flamingo7 internet cafe software allows you to control the user setting. You also get an incredible opportunity to make a new user account effortlessly. For that, you get two options. You can either set new accounts manually or in bulk to save time. 


Whatever you choose, Flamingo7 software ensures you spend the minimum amount of time. So, try our software for an accessible system and manageable business.


Easy Language Module for Users

It's essential to give users a sense of control while using your internet cafe. And you can easily do that by offering them various language modules. 


Flamingo7 internet cafe software allows you to incorporate different languages into your system. That way, your customers have an opportunity to choose a language they are the most comfortable with.


Furthermore, our software comes with pre-made themes. And your customers can choose their favorite among them. For a more branded outlook, our customized themes come with brand colors and logos. So, enjoy your wide range of possibilities with Flamingo7 software!


Manage Printing Tools

Flamingo7 internet cafe software system includes printing management. Therefore, we ensured that the system aligns with your business as well as your customers' printing requirements. 


Clients receive a confirmation message whenever they decide to print something out. This message includes the number of pages they are going to print and the cost of their action.


After approving the message, they automatically pay the cost. So you don't need to worry about the billing process afterward. That makes managing your business much more stress-free.


Analyze Data to Increase Sales

Analyzing how your sweepstakes cafe is doing is crucial for its future development. It helps you understand your clients' desires and their customer habits. Thankfully, with Flamingo7 internet cafe software, you don't need to incorporate any other analytical tools because you get the reporting function built-in software.


With this feature, you can receive information like:

  • The busiest time of the day;
  • Most popular retail products;
  • The clients who spend the most money;
  • The most frequently used transaction methods, etc.;


This data is a huge help for future decisions. With the numbers and the information you get, you can decide how to improve your service and what more to offer your customers in the future.


Promote Your Business with Our Software

Our goal at Flamingo7 is to help you build and maintain a successful business. And for that, we ensure you get promotional support for more publicity and sales.


We use various promotional tools to attract more customers to your cyber cafe. More promotion brings more interested users, and you get a higher retention rate.


Furthermore, you also get an opportunity to offer your clients marketing services and help them develop their businesses. The more business needs you cover with your service, the higher the chance to interest customers.


So, choose Flamingo7 internet cafe software and receive the full service. Develop your business in the right way, offer fascinating services to your clients, and get the maximum publicity for a successful future!