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Coin Dozer: Real Money Awaits You at Flamingo7

coin dozer

The thrill and excitement of roadside and stall arcade games were the highlights of our teenage years. And now, after years in hibernation, arcade casino games are seeing a revitalization led by Game Circus' Coin Dozer casino game.


This game improves video game arcades and the classic Coin Dozer machine. You'll have many opportunities to win real money and other fabulous prizes. However, this game is more complex than the name implies.


In this article, we will show you the endless ways to play and enjoy the Coin Dozer game, including strategies to win, and if you decide the game is not really for you, you'll find credible alternatives here.

Let's begin. 


Coin Dozer Online: Getting to Know the Game

When you hear of the Coin Dozer, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic coin-pushing machine or other games. Although this game has a similar style and mechanics to new online casino slot machines, it is more complicated and less dependent on luck.


To win this coin game, you must understand the rules and have a strategy for winning numerous prizes. It is important to note that the actual money prize is not the endgame of this game. There are better prizes that can make the game more exciting and help boost your chances of winning a jackpot.


Coin dozer


Apart from winning the jackpot, this game also features features such as a sophisticated game engine, attractive graphics, good sounds, and bonus games. 


It is important to note that the coin dozer machine is not a gambling game. There is no requirement for depositing money. The game coins are given to you once you’ve registered and when the coins are exhausted. The system will automatically renew them after some minutes.


If you can’t wait, you can buy game coins from the game store with real money. However, because this game is highly addictive, you must be careful not to overextend your budget or get carried away while playing.


Coin Dozer Games: Features

The coin game is different from the classic version. The game's features have been updated, and new ones have also been introduced to make the game more interesting. The new updates to the game include the following:


Migration from physical machines to online and mobile interfaces.

Before, you needed to visit game parlors to play coin-dozing games; now, you only need to download it on your Android phone or visit the website to play the game.


Unique themes and 3-D graphics

The game has become more colorful with the addition of three-dimensional features and characters. This feature is best shown with the coin and machine movements.

Coin dozer

An impressive and realistic physics engine

The coin dozer game is basically about strategically dropping coins on a machine to cause a massive upheaval on the machine. When you press the drop button, which affects a thinly balanced hoard, the machine shakes, and the prizes on the edge fall into your basket.


Interactive Features

You can drop coins on the machine by tapping where you want them to fall.


Amazing prizes and rewards

This game is a sweepstakes game, so instead of giving cash rewards, you can win prizes that can be exchanged for natural money alternatives. 


How to Play Coin Dozer Games Online

When you play coin dozer online, you can be tempted to draw similarities with slot machine games, but this coin pusher series is quite different. And if you play like you do slot games, you’ll quickly see the error of your ways.


The principle of this game is simple. You have to throw or drop coins on a moving platform; this act will affect other coins and push them toward your collection basket. Throwing coins is simple, but winning the jackpot in this game will require more than that.


You’ll need excellent thinking and strategic skills to impact this game. If you keep throwing coins haphazardly, you’ll never get enough coins in your basket and will miss most of the bonus prizes in the game. 


This game has two modes of play. The first one is the classic mode, which everyone plays until they reach level 60 of the game. When you reach level 60, you must choose between continuing the main game or playing the premium Chip Dozer mode.

coin dozer machine

However, that decision can take a long time if you don’t manage the free coins given very well. The game only gives you 20 coins to start the game. And once the coins are spent, you’ll have to wait some time for them to be restored.


You can also get game coins from your wins in the game. And if you don’t have any coins in your game account, you can buy some from the game store with real money.


Playing Coin Dozer Online: Tips and Strategies to Win

When you play the coin-pushing game, it is necessary to have a winning strategy. Your strategy should encompass the various features and consider the game mechanics. You can win several coins and other prizes in just one game if you're lucky.


Some of the strategies you can use to win include:


Complete daily tasks

One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning the jackpot in this game is to always perform highly at daily tasks. And this is because the game rewards users with several fantastic content. You may find game-winning items or boosters in your reward chests if you're lucky.


Wheel of fortune

It is common sense never to discount bonus games in a casino title. Bonus games are an opportunity to recover coins that you have lost, boost your gaming account, and win real money prizes.


Use the shake button.

The shake button is one of the most powerful buttons in the game. This button dislodges teetering coins on the platform's edge and makes them fall into your basket. You should always time your shakes to a time when numerous coins are on edge so that the multiplier wins will be significant.


Coin walls

One of the worst feelings in this game is when you lose coins to the sidebars. Coins that fall off the side of the platforms do not add to your wins and are a terrible waste. The best way to prevent coin falls is to use coin walls.


A coin wall is a giant coin that blocks the platform's edge and ensures that you can the entire platform and coin hoard effectively.


Mystery box

As mentioned, the coins and real money prizes are not the only way to win in this game. If you take all the bonus games and use your bonus items well, you’ll see improved gameplay and reach the top level quickly.


How to Get More Coins on Coin Dozer Machine

Unlike slot games and other casino titles, the coin dozer game does not use real money wagering or gambling in its gameplay. The only way to play is by getting virtual currencies from the game operator.

coin dozer casino

Every new player gets 20 game coins on registering and logging on to the platform. And when the initial coin expires, the game will automatically renew it after some time.


If you’re unwilling to wait the time for renewals, here are alternative options to getting game coins on the machine:


Daily quests

Every day the game operator sets several game quests you must complete. These quests are not compulsory and can be skipped, but if you decide not to skip them, you can win several prizes, including more game coins.



If you’re desperate for game coins to complete a game or take advantage of a situation, one of the quickest ways to get coins is by watching advertisements on the platform. Like daily quests, advertisements can be skipped, but sometimes, watching them might be the difference between a paused game and an instant win.


Buy from your bank.

Another way to get game coins without renewals is to buy them directly from your bank. You can use fiat money from your bank account to purchase any game coins you need. This option is more reliable and ensures you’ll always have game coins available when you need them.


Alternatives to Coin Dozer Casino Game

Slot machines

Slot machines are the closest games to coin-pushing titles. And this is because of the similarities in gameplay and mechanics. Both games take place on a machine and feature several buttons to win.


And like slot games, the coin dozer real money games feature bonus games, multipliers, wheel of fortune, etc.



You can play slot machines Columbus, White Buffalo, Cleo’s Heart, Reel Rider, etc. You can play these games and more on Flamingo7 Casino.



Keno games are easy and lucrative casino games. Keno has a similar pedigree to coin dozer real money machines. And both games were made famous because of the uniqueness of their classic versions.


However, this coin-pushing title is more complicated and strategic than keno games. Try the Shamrock keno game if you want a lucrative alternative to coin-pushing.



Fish Arcade Game

Fish table games are also skill-based and involve shooting like coin-pushing games. When you play a coin dozer real money game, you have to shoot coins on a moving platform and hope the coins push more coins into your basket.


For fish games, you shoot at sea creatures and win money according to the value of the creatures you kill. This game is exciting and engaging. The most popular fish table game is the Ocean Monsters Fish game.



Is coin dozer free to play?

Yes, coin dozer is a sweepstakes game, so you don’t need money to play it. You need to find a sweepstakes software platform and register to play.


How do you get more coins on coin dozer casino?

There are many ways to get coins in coin-pushing games. The most popular is through operator renewals. But you can also buy from your bank account or get game coins from completing daily tasks.


Is coin dozer gambling?

Playing coin dozer is not gambling because you’re not staking real money. The game has no feature for depositing and withdrawing real money.


How do you play coin dozer games?

The game involves throwing coins on a moving platform and hoping the coins affect the hoard on the platform. You win each throw when more coins fall off the platform's edge into your basket.


What is the best strategy for winning coin pushing game?

When playing coin-pushing games, the best way to ensure you win is by throwing the coins at places where the imbalance is more pronounced. When you do this, more coins will fall into your basket.



Coin Dozer is an exciting sweepstakes title, and while this game might seem unproductive, you should know that you can always exchange gift items and prizes for real money prizes. This game allows you to win fabulous prizes from absolutely nothing. If you want to win the coin jackpot, register on BitPlay now.

We here at Flamingo7 are a dedicated group of online casino fans. And we work hard to provide our customers with an exceptional gaming experience. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.


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