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Roulette Payouts Mastering - Odds, and Wins

roulette payouts

Roulette payouts are a crucial aspect of the game, and understanding their concepts is essential for successful gameplay. Roulette is a timeless and iconic casino game that has captivated gamblers for centuries with its combination of chance and strategy. No matter whether you're a seasoned player with comprehensive experience or just stepping up to the roulette table for the first time, understanding the intricacies of roulette payouts is vital. 


This all-encompassing guide will take you on an in-depth tour through the world of roulette payouts, covering everything from the different bets and their associated odds to exhausting roulette payout chart and indispensable tools like the roulette payout calculator. By the time you end reading this blog, you'll not only master the art of payouts but also acquire profound insights into advanced roulette strategies to enhance your chances of winning. 


The Fundamentals: Understanding Roulette Bets 

Before we thoroughly explore the roulette table payout, let's first lay the foundation for comprehending the different bets you can place on the roulette table. These bets are the game's building blocks and are crucial for your future success. Before entering any new online casino, you should consider all the odds in advance. Let's start discussing the bets first:

roulette payouts

Inside Bets


Inside bets are for those gamblers who are willing to take a risk for the prospect of higher rewards. These bets imply staking on particular numbers or a small cluster of numbers. While they offer substantial payouts if the numbers are well chosen, it's essential to remember that they also come with lower odds of winning. Let's explore the common inside bets:


1. Straight Bet involves betting on one number with the biggest payout but the lowest odds of winning. 


2. Split Bet Betting involves betting on two bordering numbers, with quite high payouts and odds of winning.(17 to 1 and a winning rate of 5.41%)


3. Street Bet Betting is betting on a row of three different numbers with a balanced payout but a low odd of winning.


4. Corner Bet is betting on four numbers meeting at a corner. 


5. Six-Line Bet is betting on two bordering rows, covering six numbers


Outside Bets 


Conversely, outside bets are a more conservative approach and come with higher odds of winning, but the payouts are comparatively smaller this time. These bets revolve around wagering on larger groups of numbers or specific characteristics associated with the numbers. Now let's check out the typical outside bets:


 1. Red and Black Bet Betting on the color of the winning number. This offers a balanced chance of payout and odds of winning at the rate of 50/50. 


 2. Even and Odd Bet is betting on chances whether the number will be even or odd. Payout: 1 to 1. Odds of winning: 48.65%. 


3. Low and High Bet Betting on if the number will be low or high. With a payout of 1 to 1 and odds of winning: 48.65%.


 4. Dozen Bet is betting on 12 numbers while doubling the payout. 


5. Column Bet Betting on a column of 12 numbers. Payout: 2 to 1. Odds of winning: 32.43%. 


Calculating Your Winnings: Roulette Payouts and Odds

roulette payout chart

Now that we have got a solid understanding of the various types of bets and their chances of winning, let's delve into the core of our discussion: roulette payouts and odds. If you are into casino games real money that involve strategies, Roulette is what you are seeking. Unsurprisingly, your potential winnings in Roulette are directly linked to the probability of your bet winning. Here's a thorough breakdown of the topic:


Inside Bets Payouts and Odds


Let's start with Straight Bet, a high-stakes choice with 35 to 1 payouts: This bet offers the biggest payout, but the trade-off is formidable odds of winning, with just a 2.70% chance of success. 


Now let's shift our focus on Split Bet offering 17 to 1 payouts: Players should be careful, as wagering on two adjacent numbers provides a decent payout but still comes with relatively low odds, with a 5.41% chance of victory. 


Next up here comes the Street Bet, a choice of 11 to 1 payout: Wagering on a row of three different numbers offers a balance of risk and reward. Having a balance between payout and a slightly improved chance of winning, at 8.11%. 


Corner Bet (8 to 1): This bet implies staking your chips on four different numbers meeting at a corner of the roulette grid, presenting the best choice of 8 to 1 payout. Having a balance between the chance of winning and the odds of your bet coming to fruition stands at a reasonable 10.81%. 


And here comes the final Six-Line Bet with 5 to 1 payouts: this option involves wagering on a group of six numbers and delivers a moderate 5 to 1 payout. This bet involves wagering on a group that covers six numbers and offers a moderate payout, making it more attractive to risk-takers with its relatively higher odds of winning at 16.22%


Outside Bets Payouts and Odds 


Let's explore the Red and Black bet, the most popular way of betting that predicts the color of the winning number. Betting on the color of the winning number yields a 1-to-1 payout, doubling your wager in the event of a win, which means a nearly 50% chance of success (48.65%).


Considering the Even/Odd bet, that presumably predicts whether the winning number is an odd or even number. This bet also doubles your bet in the event of a win, so betting on whether the number will be even or odd is another 1 to 1 payout, with similar odds to the red and black bet of 48.65%. 


Moving on, we are about to discuss Low/High Bet. This bet centers around betting whether the winning number is within the low range, meaning from 1 to 18, or the high range, from 19 to 36. As expected, this also doubles your stake. Betting on the number range offers a 1 to 1 payout and, unsurprisingly, nearly 50% odds of winning (48.65%). 


A dozen bet means wagering on a set of numbers divided into three groups: 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. This bet offers a more attractive 2 to 1 payout, tripling your wager upon a successful outcome. With a reasonably favorable chance of success, though, this bet has odds of 32.43%.


Finally, let's discuss Column Bet (2 to 1): This strategic option involves betting on one of the three columns of 12 numbers each on the roulette table. Like the Dozen Bet, this betting also offers a 2 to 1 payout that triples your initial stake if you guess correctly. Notably, the odds of success with the Column Bet stand at a promising 32.43%.


Mastering Roulette Payouts: Tools and Strategies 


Since you've already gained a solid understanding of roulette bets, payouts, and odds, it's time to enhance your gameplay with practical tools and strategic insights.  

Roulette Payout Chart 


An essential asset in your roulette toolkit is a roulette payout chart. This visual reference is a good aid, meticulously outlining the diverse bets, their associated odds, and the corresponding payouts. Having a payout chart handy during your gameplay is highly advisable to make informed betting decisions based on your preferred risk level.


Roulette Payout Calculator 


Consider using a roulette payout calculator as an invaluable ally for greater precision in your betting strategy. This tool empowers you to input your bets and instantly calculate potential winnings, providing a natural aid to plan and adjust your bets effectively during gameplay. 


Roulette Payout Cheat Sheet 

roulette payout

Here's an equally valuable tool alongside the roulette payout calculator. A roulette payouts cheat sheet is a quick reference guide summarising crucial information about bets, odds, and payouts. Whether you're a novice or an experienced player, having a cheat sheet at your disposal can save time and help you make informed decisions at the roulette table.


A safe option for your gameplay

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What are roulette odds payout? 


Roulette odds payout is the winnings based on your initial bet and the roulette outcome. They vary depending on the type of the bet and the odds. 


What is the straight bet in Roulette?


A straight bet is a bet on one number. It has the biggest payout of 1 to 35 but the lowest odds of winning. 


What tools can be used to enhance the odds of winning in Roulette?


You can use, for example, the Roulette Payout Cheat Sheet, a readymade summary of the guide. The roulette payout cheat sheet serves as a quick guide to payouts and their corresponding odds of winning. 


How does the roulette table payout work?


The roulette payouts system calculates the potential winning based on several factors: bet types, payout odds, odds of winning, bet amount, and roulette variant. Understanding these roulette table payout factors is crucial for your successful gameplay. 


Where can I play Roulette online?


The best option for now is Flamingo7 casino online with not only roulette games but riversweeps slots and mobile slots real money options. 

What is the roulette payouts chart?


A roulette payouts chart is a visual reference tool providing some crucial information about the various bets you can place in roulette. A roulette payouts chart usually displays the types of bets available, their corresponding odds, and the payouts you can expect if your bet is successful. 



Mastering roulette payouts is a way of harmonizing both luck and strategy. With a profound understanding of the various bets, their corresponding odds, and the use of tools like a roulette payout chart, calculator, and cheat sheet, you can confidently approach the roulette wheel for your roulette odds payout. Armed with knowledge and a well-thought-out strategy, the odds will be on your side.


We here at Flamingo7 are a dedicated group of online casino fans. And we work hard to provide our customers with an exceptional gaming experience. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.


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